Tired restaurants that always offer the same kitchen, always came from the same regions, or almost … So why not go to Azar, Marrakech, to enjoy Lebanese cuisine ?!

The Azar in Marrakech: A festive atmosphere, with a special setting

The Azar Marrakech , is a restaurant where one never returns to chance once you have tasted it! Indeed, besides the delicacy he proposes, also returns to Azar for the setting and atmosphere. Side decoration, one can clearly classify Azar -paré by designer Younes Duret- trends in the category of restaurants! All golden and dressed in black, is Azar “class”, sober and warm and invites to a dream in the land of the Arabian Nights! Side atmosphere, festive Azar is -a bit like his cousin Le Comptoir Darna-. Indeed, every night, dancers and DJ program, and Friday and Saturday is oriental singer live music for a “Special rai sound.” As a bonus, with the ambition to always satisfy the customer, the place offers four distinct areas: the exotic plant and terrace, the trendy and cozy restaurant, the mezzanine for a drink and some tapas, and Hanoot, an offbeat Club ! To delight everyone!

The Azar in Marrakech: A Lebanese oasis in the heart of the Red City


taste side, however, you will not be disappointed at Azar! The restaurant invites its customers to actually discover a whole new menu of both Oriental and Mediterranean. All the elaborate recipes are simple and healthy, always made with fresh ingredients and top quality. As a bonus, the place makes you discover or rediscover the Lebanese cuisine. A la carte, but mostly Moroccan Lebanese specialties: the mezes, makanek, unchawarma stung chicken with herbs and spit roasted home fries, despastillas, etc. In sum, Marrakech Azar is a Lebanese oasis in the heart of the Red City! To discover !

The Azar

Adresse: Angle rue de Yougoslavie et Boulevard Hassan II, Marrakech
Tel.: 0 5 24 43 09 20
Booking is recommended